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Medcrest offers a vast range of medical and health care services at highly affordable cost. It is especially famous for providing Best Cancer Treatment as well as Best Obesity Surgery in India. We have close ties with the most renowned hospitals of India that have hi-tech equipments, state-of-the-art comforts and facilities, skilled doctors and compassionate and dedicated nurses. We completely understand your anxieties and doubts in having surgery or treatment abroad and hence we bring you the most skilled and experienced team of health professionals of Indian healthcare industry. Our hospitals are stretched over more than 15 cities of India and with more than 5,000 healthcare experts. We take complete care of our patients when they travel to India for medical and health care services.

Medcrest have established a standing of the best health tourism in India. Medcrest arrange and facilitate patient’s flight, hotel accommodation and schedule their surgery. In addition to our medical services, we also provide complete transport, travel, accommodation and tourist assistance to the health seeking individual and his family. You as a patient are invited to take a tour of the site, understand your needs for health and take the best decision for yourself. Please ask us your required queries and we will provide with the best possible solutions for your health and medical travel. We will make sure that your medi tour in India remains trouble-free and peaceful so that you return contented to your home country


Distinctly, we are mobile in our own deeds and performances that will sure offer you total satisfaction while enjoying the bliss of a rare blend of agile facilities, and world class equipment. 

In detail, our team comprises professionals in fields such as Medical and Health, Surgical Care, Travel, Technology, Marketing, Insurance, Nursing and Healthcare etc.

MEDCREST, envisioned to facilitating you world class treatment, high quality healthcare and cost effective equipage and paraphernalia.


OUR SACRED THREE is what makes our company unique and different. Our SACRED THREE makes us an excellent partner for you and an attractive option for those looking to travel abroad for medical care.

We work for the client FIRST. We take the time to actually speak with the patient to ascertain their needs then best match them with our provider network.

Superior focus on Patient Experience and Best Practices in Medical Tourism.”We are here when they come and in contact when they go back”.

High focus on after care and establishing communication between doctors and patient both here & back home

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